About Us

SDVS Technologies LLC

(Formerly Premier IT Systems LLC)

Our primary objective at SDVS Technologies LLC (Formerly Premier IT Systems LLC) is to provide cutting edge support and custom products to our clients nationally as well as across International borders. We are fully capable of providing turnkey IT consulting and support services both off-site and on-site whether you want tailor-made solutions for off-the-shelf ERP products like SAP,Workday, Oracle, and PeopleSoft or you want to develop proprietary applications from scratch using programming languages like C, C++, and Java/J2EE.

Our headquarters are based in Flower Mound, TX and we are equipped with cutting-edge technology and know-how to provide you the best IT consulting services available in the world of technology and computing across myriad industries and business functions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide cost-effective, scalable as well as dynamic solutions to our worldwide clients in the areas of software development, human resource development and training, ERP solutions and enterprise tools customization. Although every company wants to become “the best and the biggest”, aside from that we also want to become a company you can count on because we think that is the best manifestation of our value proposition.