Software Development

Do you want to develop software either for in-house use or for one of your customers but don’t want to invest time in developing your own team? Partnering with a company like Premier IT Systems LLC is the best way to go if you want to quickly develop and install a custom application ithout having to go through the nitty-gritty of aggregating a talent pool and investing money in its maintenance and training. You may also like to work with us if you simply want to work on an assignment and then let it incubate into a full-fledged business.Partner with us and you get a programming team that is already adept at all contemporary development platforms and languages. We can augment the capabilities of your existing applications or we can program software applications from scratch – it all depends on your preference.We can carry out custom software development in C, C++, Java and J2EE. We can carry out development either at your location or at our location depending upon your security requirements and other considerations.Once you start working with us our team of analysts will carry out multiple brainstorming sessions either with you or your representatives and once you have approved of the logical flow, we will initiate the coding process. We employ a fully developed project life-cycle process to ensure compatibility, deliverability and timeliness.


Whether you’re looking support for proprietary software or some custom application, we are fully qualified and experienced to provide you the needed guidance. Facing a glitch? Is there a roadblock? Your staff doesn’t seem to be making sense of the expensive enterprise level solution you got last month? Somebody has messed up your configuration? The modules and reports your company requires can be created using your application but nobody knows around you how to achieve that?
You need support from SDVS Technologies LLC. Take for instance ERP tools like Workday, SuccessFactors, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP; they are amongst the most advanced enterprise applications on the block. “Advanced” also means there are tons of features and these tons of features bring along lots of complexities. You will need experts to not only install the system but also port your existing data into it, customize individual modules, put your logos and emblems on your reports and visuals, create or assign various access levels for different employees, incorporate system upgrades to better utilize the power of the application, and so on.
When you partner with us for your software support needs, you can totally relax while we roll back our sleeves and mould your software exactly the way you want.